Whether you’re new to Newark or have been here for years, something everyone wants to know is where to find the best food around town. We looked to Yelp to help answer this question and found that there are a great number of 4+ star restaurants just minutes from campus. In fact, the top three rated restaurants are within minutes of campus and One Easton. Check out these places for a great, affordable meal.

#1 – Two Stones Pub

This gastropub is the perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner when you’re trying to get out of a rut. Forget your drive-thru burger and fries, and instead try their Hudson Valley Foie Gras burger with kettle chips on the side. Or, go with a few friends and get a handful of their anytime snacks to satisfy your taste buds. For those over 21, we’ve read that the 2SP Galactic release beer is a must-try.

#2 – Olive Tree Café

If you’re looking for some delicious Mediterranean food, you have to stop at Olive Tree Café. In addition to having a great atmosphere and excellent service, their food is to die for. Try the Doner and the falafel sandwich, both of which get rave reviews from all of their patrons! They also have great vegetarian and tea options.

#3 – The Wood Fired Pizza Shop

Located on the other side of campus from #1 and #2 on this list, and is leaps and bounds above your standard pizza chains. Get a few friends together to split some of their seasonal pizzas, or go traditional with a delicious margherita — either way, you’re sure to leave stuffed and satisfied!

As we settle in to our new spot here at One Easton, we look forward to trying even more great restaurants in the area and finding hidden gems around the city. Stop by and tell us what your favorite restaurant is whether it’s around campus or a short drive away!

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