Everyone knows that feeling of finding a show that they can’t wait a week until the next episode. Here’s our list of the top 10 binge-worthy Netflix TV series.

1.) Lost

There couldn’t be a top 10 list without including Lost. Season after season, this show just keeps getting better and better! Between following the multiple plots to wondering what will happen next, Lost has done an amazing job captivating its audience for six incredible seasons.

IMDb 8.4/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 89%

2.) House

Everyone loves to hate House. Some people who haven’t seen the show would say it’s another doctor TV series, but House goes deeper. The characters and the storylines they follow are what separates this show from being just another doctor drama. It also manages to throw in some comic relief through each character’s persona.

IMDb 8.8/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 96%

3.) Scrubs

If House was too serious and you’re looking for a good laugh, this show is for you. If you watch the show from the beginning, you can see how each character grows and matures. The biggest downfall for Scrubs was how long it ran — a total of nine seasons. With cast members coming and going, storylines began to repeat themselves and it was cancelled. However, this is worthy of the list simply because of the laughs that it can bring.

IMDb 8.4/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 89%

4.) Dexter

Dexter is everyone’s favorite serial killer. If you thought it was impossible to love a serial killer, you’ve never watched Dexter. The visuals in the show (combined with the intricate storylines) leave the viewer begging for more. The show thrills the audience and makes them view everything in a completely different way (for you Dexter fanatics, think of the blood orange). You’ll have to watch the show to find out for yourself.

IMDb 8.8/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 78%

5.) Prison Break

Episode one starts with a bang and keeps you on your toes and wondering what will happen next. Season five will be coming to Fox in 2017, so start your binging soon!

IMDb 8.5/10 — Rotten Tomatoes N/A

6.) Pokémon: Indigo League

Your childhood was not complete if you never saw Pokémon. Let the feeling of nostalgia take you back to the good old days when a bad homework assignment meant the worksheet was double sided.

IMDb 7.4/10 — Rotten Tomatoes N/A

7.) Orange Is the New Black

Everyone is talking about OITNB, so we had to include it in our list. This Netflix original series has been delivering amazing performances. The characters are relatable and know how to make you laugh with intelligent humor.

IMDb 8.3/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 96%

8.) Sense8

Sense8 is unlike any show you’ve seen before. Another Netflix original series, the story follows eight connected individuals. It dives into serious subjects such as homosexuality, transgender relations, racial differences, and deviancy of capitalism. If you’re looking for a show to stimulate your mind, be sure to check this one out!

IMDb 8.4/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 67%

9.) Breaking Bad

Walter White isn’t in the meth business, he’s in the empire business. Definitely one of our favorite characters, Walter is a high school chemistry teacher that transforms into something bigger then himself. We’ll leave the rest up to you and let the ratings speak for themselves.

IMDb 9.5/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 95%

10.) House of Cards

The quality and intelligence that goes into the House of Cards story, along with the way that Kevin Spacey famously breaks the fourth wall is why House of Cards is on our list. Political scandals and backroom deals add drama to the multifaceted storylines. Another Netflix original series, this is definitely one that you’ll want to binge on!

IMDb 9.0/10 — Rotten Tomatoes 84%

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